Operations Research and Statistics Group

The Operations Research and Statistics (OR/Stat) group at the MIT Sloan School of Management is involved in a wide variety of theoretical and applied topics related to optimization, probability, statistics, and machine learning. Operations Research is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. With the combination of probabilistic modeling expertise and strong optimization skills, the operations research and statistics group is at the cutting edge of developing solutions to the most important data-driven problems facing today’s modern enterprises. The group has strong ties to industry, and works with collaborators in the areas of health care, transportation, energy, airlines, finance, and government. The group is also heavily integrated with the broad community of scholars at MIT who work in the areas of operations research, statistics, machine learning, operations management, industrial engineering, and computer and computational science.

The US News and World Report ranking of quantitative analysis programs consistently ranks our program first year after year, and recently our undergraduate program in Management Science ranked second. We maintain a strong overlap with Sloan’s  Operations Management Group in research, teaching, and student supervision. In 2010, MIT Sloan was awarded the top rank in US News and World Reports Best Business Schools Specialty Rankings in Production / Operations.  The OR/Stat faculty have won numerous prestigious awards including the Glover-Klingman Prize, the INFORMS President Award, INFORMS Expository Writing Award, INFORMS Transportation Science & Logistics Society Best Paper Award, Lanchester Prize, INFORMS Koopman Prize, INFORMS Computing Society Prize, IEEE Leonard G. Abraham Prize, Longuet-Higgins Prize in computer vision and pattern recognition, PECASE and CAREER awards.  Four of our faculty are INFORMS Fellows and two are members of the National Academy of Engineering.

OR/Stat Faculty

Current faculty members within the OR/Stat group are listed below along with their specialty areas. More details can be found here.

Arnold I. Barnett : applied statistics

Dimitris Bertsimas: optimization, stochastic systems, data mining

Robert Freund: constrained optimization, interior-point methods, computation, and convex geometry

David Gamarnik: applied probability and stochastic processes

Thomas Magnanti: optimization, network design

James Orlin: optimization

Georgia Perakis: optimization, game theory and equilibrium problems, applications in operations management, revenue management, pricing, supply chains, transportation, energy

Cynthia Rudin: statistical machine learning, data mining, applications in energy

Andreas S. Schulz: optimization, algorithmic game theory, planning and scheduling

Juan Pablo Vielma
: theory and technology for linear, non-linear and stochastic mixed integer programming, optimization models 

Roy Welsch: statistics, data mining and visualization, statistical finance, currently Management Science Area Head

Gordon Kaufman: statistics


OM group Faculty with Close Ties to OR/Stat Group

Vivek Farias

Retsef Levi


Sponsored Research Staff

Seyda Ertekin - Postdoctoral Associate

Pavithra Harsha - Visiting Scholar

Alexander Samarov - Principal Research Associate


PhD Students advised by OR/Stat group faculty members: These students are drawn from the Operations Research Center (ORC) and other departments on campus.

Ross Anderson

Andre du Pin Calmon

Maxime Cohen

Adam Elmachtoub

Paul Grigas

Angela King

Gonzalo Romero

Theja Tulabandhula

Zhe (David) Zhu 


Courses Taught

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For Prospective Graduate Students in Operations Research and Statistics

Almost all faculty in the operations research and statistics group are members of the Operations Research Center (ORC). Students admitted to the ORC graduate program have the opportunity to learn a strong core curriculum of optimization and probability, and may specialize in any field broadly related to operations research and/or statistics. The ORC has both a PhD program and a masters program. Students interested in applying to this program should look at the admission page here, the prospective student page here and at the letters from current students to incoming students here.


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